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Science Visitor and Colloquium Program
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2017 Earth Science Seminars

See seminar abstract (click on title of talk) for location and time.

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Date   Speaker   Title

Fri   Jul 28   Annareli Morales
(Univ. Michigan )
  Sensitivity of Orographic Precipitation to Microphysics Parameter and Process Perturbations

Wed   Jul 19   Milan Curcic
(Univ. Washington)
  Wind and Wave Impacts on Ocean Transport in the Gulf of Mexico: Coupled Modeling and Observations

Wed   Jun 14   James Garrison
(Purdue Univ.)
  Signals of Opportunity (SoOp) Reflectometry: The Emerging "Third Way" of Microwave Remote Sensing

Tue   May 30   Z. Johnny Luo
  Satellite-based Estimates of Convective Mass Flux, Entrainment and Detrainment Rates, and Application to Convective Transport of Trace Gases

Thu   May 18   Japer Kok
  The Global Atmospheric loading of Desert Dust: Implications for Climate and Human Health
Tue   May 16   Phil Thompson
  Recent Decadal Sea Level Variability in the Equatorial and North Indian Ocean

Fri   May 5   Fei He
  Quantitative Assessment of Tropical Cyclone Simulation Sensitivity in the Community Atmosphere Model
Fri   May 5   Federica Polverari
(ICM/CSIC, Barcelona)
  Theoretical Modeling of Dual-frequency Scatterometer Response: Improving Ocean Wind and Rainfall Effects
Wed   May 3   Paul Loikith
(Portland State Univ.)
  Connecting Large-Scale Meteorological Patterns with Local Scale Temperature and Precipitation Extremes over the Northwestern United States in Observations and Climate Models using Self-Organizing Maps

Tue   Apr 25   Sofia Protopapadaki
  Upper Tropospheric Cloud Systems Derived from IR Sounders: Properties of Cirrus Anvils in the Tropics

Mon   Apr 17   Thomas Fiolleau
(CNRS/Univ. Toulouse)
  MCS in the Tropics from Geostationary Data Using the TOOCAN Algorithm: Status and On-going Developments

Tue   Mar 21   Ru Chen
(Scripps / UCSD)
  Effect of Atmospheric Forcing Resolution on Ocean Model Fidelity: Sea-surface-height Variability in the North Pacific

Wed   Mar 15   Xubin Zeng
(Univ. Arizona)
  Atmosphere-(Land, Ocean, Ice) Surface Interactions: Modeling and Dataset Development
Tue   Mar 14   Daniel Gilford
  Stratospheric Influences on the Seasonality of Tropical Cyclone Potential Intensity

Wed   Mar 8   Fuqing Zhang
(Penn. State)
  Ensemble-based Convection-permitting Assimilation of Doppler Radar and All-sky Satellite Radiances

Wed   Mar 1   Margaret Johnson
(Iowa State Univ.)
  Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models for Estimation of Phenological Events from Remote Sensing Data

Mon   Feb 13   Steven J. Goodman
  Hear Ye Hear Ye: The New Era of Geostationary Satellite Observations for the Western Hemisphere is Here

Wed   Feb 8   Pierre Emmanuel-Kirstetter
(Univ. Oklahoma / NOAA)
  Evaluating the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission with NOAA/NSSL Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor: Current Status and Future Directions

Thu   Feb 2   Medard Obiang
(Omar Bongo Univ.)
  LAGRAC and Environmental Challenges of Gabon Today and Tomorrow

Mon   Jan 9   David Higdon
(Virginia Tech)
  Uncertainty Quantification: Combining Large Scale Computational Models with Physical Data for Inference

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