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Science Visitor and Colloquium Program
Information for Visitors
Seminars/Colloquia for the Current Week (July 15-21, 2018)

See the seminar/colloquium abstract (click on title) for location and time.

Date   Series   Speaker   Title

Mon   Jul 16   Astrophysics Colloquium   David Ehrenreich
(Geneva Obs.)
  Evaporation of Exoplanet Atmospheres
Mon   Jul 16   Planetary Science Seminar   Alan Whittington
(Univ. Missouri)
  Temperature-dependent Heat Transfer: Implications for Geotherms, Metamorphism and Magmatism
Thu   Jul 19   Astrophysics Colloquium   Kevin France
(Univ. Colorado)
  The Potential Habitability of Rocky Planets around Red Dwarfs: Stellar Drivers for Atmospheric Chemistry and Stability
Thu   Jul 19   Special Astrophysics Seminar   Darek Lis
(Sorbonne Univ.)
  The Complex Far-Infrared Universe

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